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2019 // Cube / Acid 240 Hybrid

Why should adults get to have all the fun? The Acid 240 Hybrid brings the power and versatility of our renowned e-bike range within reach of the youngsters in your family...

2019 // Cube / Acid Hybrid ONE

The Acid Hybrid ONE combines the go-anywhere rugged appeal of our mountain bikes with the comfort and adaptability of our touring bikes.
From €1799.00

2019 // Cube / Cross Hybrid ONE

Years of experience developing hybrid mountain bike frames have gone into the Cross Hybrid ONE - now reduced by €100 making it even more appealing!
From €1799.00

2019 // Cube / Touring Hybrid ONE

Whatever you do, wherever you go, the Touring Hybrid ONE will get you there in comfort and style.
From €1799.00

2019 // Orbea / Gain F40

Welcome to the next generation of electric bikes - you'll need to look very closely to spot any of the innovative hardware that truly has

2019 // Orbea / Gain D50

One of our best selling Gains and for good reason - this one comes in at under €2k and for many it is literally all the bike they'll ever need.

2019 // Orbea / Gain F30

Stepping up the component choice with Shimano's well respected Claris groupset add range and class to this already formidable format.

2019 // Cube / Elly Cruise Hybrid 400

Elegant and understated, it's a modern classic that you'll be proud to be seen on.

2019 // Orbea / Gain F20

Orbea add Shimano's 105 11 speed system to their Gain format and gives it truly go anywhere/do anything performance!

2019 // Orbea / Gain F10

Function & form - the Holy Grail! The Gain F10 pretty much has all you need, and can handle all terrain and conditions - see if you can find the limit!

2019 // Orbea / Gain D40

Ultra reliable Tiagra components paired with Hydraulic disc brakes adds serious features to an already serious proposition!

Tern // Vektron D8 / Folding e-bike

All around the world, the way we get from A to B is changing...

2019 // Orbea / Gain D31

The Gain D31 comes built for all eventualities - a super reliable 1X system gives you extreme capabilities that will exceed any expectations.

2019 // Orbea / Gain D21

We really like the Gain D21 for lots of reasons - the super performing 1X system is truly exceptional, the next generation motor is phenomenal, we could go on and on but we'll let the Gain do that for you...

2019 // Orbea / Gain D20

We reckon this one fitted with Ultegra hydraulic components could be the perfect match to Orbea's awesome Gain platfrom for a truly high performing bike!

2019 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro 500 27.5

Every once in a while a bike comes along that changes everything.

2019 // Orbea / Gain M30

A full carbon next generation electric bike... all we can say is give this thing a go - there's no turning back! Also available as a MyO custom bike - pick everything from paint to parts!

2019 // Kona / Electric Ute

There’s no denying the freedom that a bicycle brings. Shortcuts, the wind in your hair, the feeling of speed – the joys are undeniable!

2019 // Cube / Agree Hybrid C:62 Race Disc

Sometimes you have to look twice to see what's right under your eyes. Take a really close look at the Agree Hybrid C:62 Race Disc, because it's not quite what it seems.

2019 // Orbea / Gain M20

Where does a conventional bike end and an electric bike begin? In this case the two are so intertwined there is no distinguishing between them, and isn't that what the future of e-bikes is all about?

2019 // Orbea / Gain M21

For truly "go anywhere" capability this full carbon next generation electric bike is where it's at! This thing oozes tech while still being as functional and robust as possible!

Tern // GSD / Cargo e-bike

Enormously Useful. Surprisingly Small... GET, STUFF, DONE!
From €4599.00

2019 // Orbea / Gain M20i

Who doesn't need a bit of a helping hand once in a while? The Gain platform is not about a free ride, it's about assisting cyclists and increasing their fitness AND their limits.

2019 // Orbea / Gain M10

For many this is fast becoming the absolute benchmark in "next generation" electric bikes - it's a testament to all that Orbea are about and it's all yours to enjoy at your leisure.