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2018 // Kona / Paddy Wagon

Why put drop bars on a single speed bike designed for ripping around the city? Open up and find out...

2018 // Kona / Rove AL

The Rove AL is the bike you want for every ride, and it’s built for adventures you don’t even know about yet.

2018 // Kona / Penthouse

Perhaps the most versatile and value-packed penthouse available on the market today...

2018 // Kona / Rove DL

It may sound like a cliché to call the Rove DL a versatile machine, but that’s all your fault.

2018 // Kona / Tonk

The Tonk was built to inspire and embolden a new generation of ride-free, ride-wild, ride-anywhere , like the legendary Erik Tonkin.

2018 // Kona / Esatto

For the burgeoning road cyclist looking for that perfect blend of ride performance and utility.

2018 // Kona / Sutra

The Sutra is our classic steel touring bike, with all the accoutrements you’ll need to set out on your dream trip.

2018 // Kona / Esatto D

With the same road warrior frame as the Esatto DDL, the Esatto Disc has a smart spec that makes it a great blend of modern performance and utilitarian dreams.

2018 // Kona / Rove ST

The venerable steel adventurer is back, offering that smooth steel ride and a great parts spec in a package with a whole lot of potential.

2018 // Kona / Rove NRB

The Rove NRB is the evolution of the bike that was doing gravel before it became a buzzword.

2018 // Kona / Wheelhouse

Classic looks and the smooth, precise ride of quality steel, the Wheelhouse is our take on the modern disc road bike.

2018 // Kona / Esatto DDL

What a road bike is meant to be. With roads generally in disrepair, it’s time for a modern road bike that can handle current circumstances.

2018 // Kona / Rove NRB DL

Consider a simple question: what does a modern road bike look like?

2018 // Kona / Sutra LTD

The Sutra LTD represents the converging trajectories of mountain and road bike parts - it is what happens when a mountain biker imagines a touring bike.

2018 // Kona / Rove LTD

The Rove LTD is the pinnacle of our expanded Rove lineup.

2018 // Kona / Roadhouse

The Roadhouse is Kona's flagship Reynolds 853 road bike, combining the lively ride characteristics and aesthetics of classic steel bikes with the all the details you’d expect from a modern road bike!