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2019 // Orbea / Avant H60

Perfectly poised to get you rolling - meet your first road bike - the Avant H60, in no time it'll have you rediscovering open roads, new places, and new perspectives!

2019 // Orbea / Avant H50

Road bikes can be intimidating, but the Avant H50 simply isn't - it's the perfect foray into the world of high-end bikes without the associated price tags.

2019 // Orbea / Avant H40

A stunning bike, a stunning price! Shimano's Tiagra 10spd groupset has proven itself as an awesome option with no compromise - hugely popular bike.

2019 // Orbea / Avant H30

One of our best selling road bikes with Shimano 105 11 spd components and lots of high end features - super comfortable & very well priced.

2019 // Orbea / Orca M40

One of our favourite new bikes for 2019 - truly world class carbon frame & solid components at a genuinely awesome price point... not to mention the stunning looks!

2019 // Orbea / Orca M30

Shimano 105 is a group made for accessible performance, always heir-apparent to components costing three times as much.

2019 // Orbea / Orca M32

Be your own master and add a touch of Italian class with a Campagnolo Centaur 11 speed groupset on this great value, high performacnce carbon frameset.

2019 // Orbea / Orca OMP Frameset

Nothing better than a DIY bike project - Orbea offer their hugely successful Orca OMP platform as a frameset only option so you can get stuck in!

2019 // Orbea / Gain D50

One of our best selling Gains and for good reason - this one comes in at under €2k and for many it is literally all the bike they'll ever need.

2019 // Orbea / Orca M20

Equipped with a capable FSA cockpit and Mavic wheels, it’s the ideal bike for almost any racer looking for the best performance at the best price - true pro level characteristics.

2019 // Orbea / Avant M30 Team-D

Value is such a dirty word these days, isn’t it? With the Avant M30D, it doesn’t need to be! This represents huge value for money in terms of spec & performance.

2019 // Orbea / Gain D40

Ultra reliable Tiagra components paired with Hydraulic disc brakes adds serious features to an already serious proposition!

2019 // Orbea / Gain D31

The Gain D31 comes built for all eventualities - a super reliable 1X system gives you extreme capabilities that will exceed any expectations.

2019 // Orbea / Avant M20 Team-D

Going long distance will become your new pastime on the Avant M20D - a hugely capable, jack of all trades bike that has no weaknesses, only strengths!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M30 Team

High technology doesn't need to come with a high price - Orbea's flagship frame, fully customisable from paint to parts, for under €3k - not bad at all...

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero OMR Disc Frameset

All new disc-equipped version of the Aero for 2019, now available as a frameset for true full custom built options...

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero OMR Frameset

Sssssh... we'll let you into a little secret... for this money you may as well order the Shimano 105 equipped version... it's the same price! It's like you get a free groupset!

2019 // Orbea / Orca M20i

Electronic shifting is the future, and thanks to the Orca M20i, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be the present! One of the best priced Di2 bikes on the market in 2019...

2019 // Orbea / Orca OMR Disc Frameset

Orbea's flagship frameset in disc brake format makes it even more cutting edge - do it in whatever colour scheme you wish and get stuck in!

2019 // Orbea / Orca OMR Frameset

Orbea's flagship frameset can be done up in whatever colour scheme you want so it's ready for you to build just how you like it - dream bike, delivered!

2019 // Orbea / Gain D21

We really like the Gain D21 for lots of reasons - the super performing 1X system is truly exceptional, the next generation motor is phenomenal, we could go on and on but we'll let the Gain do that for you...

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M20 Team

Our second best selling Orca Aero! Perfect for elite riders and feisty sportive riders alike! Very popular mechanical Ultegra performs flawlessly & the MyO program allows full customisation - very nice!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M30 Team-D

Serious bang for buck - Shimano's super popular 105 mechanical groupset on Orbea's brand new aero-disc frameset at a price that is seriously tempting!

2019 // Orbea / Gain D20

We reckon this one fitted with Ultegra hydraulic components could be the perfect match to Orbea's awesome Gain platfrom for a truly high performing bike!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M20 Team-D

This one comes with oodles of racing credential - Shimano's rock solid Ultegra mechanical groupset on an aero frameset that can be painted in club colours - would ya stop?!!

2019 // Orbea / Gain M30

A full carbon next generation electric bike... all we can say is give this thing a go - there's no turning back! Also available as a MyO custom bike - pick everything from paint to parts!

2019 // Orbea / Avant M20i Team-D

Shimano’s unstoppable electronic shifting meets road hydraulic disc brakes in the Avant M20iD - add to that the MyO program and it could be as good as it gets!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M20i Team

This is our best selling Orca Aero, lacks nothing but adds everything - Shimano's awesome Ultegra Di2 electronic gearing is flawless - add in the MyO full custom program and you're in business!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M20i Team-D

We reckon this one is probably the best option of them all - electronic & hydraulic components on Orbea's new disc equipped aero frameset with a full custom MyO option... too cool!

2019 // Orbea / Gain M20

Where does a conventional bike end and an electric bike begin? In this case the two are so intertwined there is no distinguishing between them, and isn't that what the future of e-bikes is all about?

2019 // Orbea / Gain M21

For truly "go anywhere" capability this full carbon next generation electric bike is where it's at! This thing oozes tech while still being as functional and robust as possible!

2019 // Orbea / Orca M20i Team

The M20i Team uses the same Orbea flagship OMR carbon racing frameset as found on their professional teams, so you know it's simply world class - this one features Ultegra Di2 electronic components.

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M12 Team

12 bloody gears? Really?! Yes, really... but believe us, the more the MERRIER! We've always loved Campy's style, now it's backed up with real substance.

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M10 Team

Contador, Cancellara, and a host of other superstars always opted for mechanical Dura Ace, so if it's good enough for them...

2019 // Orbea / Orca M20i Team-D

Adding disc's to Orbea's flagship OMR frameset takes an already world class bike to another level - pair it with the full custom MyO program and it's truly one-of-a-kind...

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M10 Team-D

Dura Ace mechanical hydraulic components matched to Orbea's new disc equipped aero frameset could be as good as it gets - go full custom MyO from paint to parts!

2019 // Orbea / Gain M20i

Who doesn't need a bit of a helping hand once in a while? The Gain platform is not about a free ride, it's about assisting cyclists and increasing their fitness AND their limits.

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M12SR Team

Take the masterclass in style with Campagnolo's stunning Super Record groupset - paired with the super tech Aero frameset it is surely a perfect match?!

2019 // Orbea / Gain M10

For many this is fast becoming the absolute benchmark in "next generation" electric bikes - it's a testament to all that Orbea are about and it's all yours to enjoy at your leisure.

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M10i Team

The Dura Ace Di2 electronic groupset is Shimano's flagship offering - for many, it simply doesn't get any better, and we're not going to argue! The MyO full custom program seals the deal!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M11i Team

SRAM me senseless!! Wireless eTap components on this uber-aero frameset surely make it one of the most awesome options on the market in 2019?

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M10i Team-D

Do you want to go faster? Orbea's drop dead gorgeous disc equipped aero frameset sets the new standard for 2019 - full custom MyO from paint to parts! The M10i Team-D is the Shimano DuraAce Di2 equipped option...

2019 // Orbea / Orca M10i LTD

The M10i LTD is Orbea's flagship bike, truly world class, ridden by the top professionals in the sport - how cool is it that we can get our hands, & feet, on one of our own?!

2019 // Orbea / Orca M10i LTD-D

Don't just look at the price tag, look at the bike, look at the tech that comes with it... and truly see it for what it is - one of the best bikes in the world!