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24" (7-9 Years)

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2019 // Orbea / MX24 Dirt

The Mx24 Dirt is our best selling bike - a "mini adult" bike with all the quality of it's bigger brother, all in a smaller frame to suit budding cyclists!
From €289.00

2019 // Cuda // Mayhem 24" (7 - 9 Years)

An entirely new model for 2019 - the Cuda Mayhem 24″ is a really great versatile bike that keeps the weight/cost factor down by featuring a rigid fork.
From €299.00

2019 // Cuda // Kinetic 24" (7-9 Years)

Kids are getting bigger and that’s why Cuda'a 2019 Kinetic range is available in 20", 24” and even 26″ wheels to suit all sizes!
From €329.00

2019 // Orbea / MX24 XC

Added robustness is achieved through the clever addition of a front suspension fork meaning this little bike can take anything your little guy can throw at it!
From €329.00

2019 // Orbea / MX24 Speed

The MX24 Speed comes with street specific slick thread tyres offering more efficiency on longer family cycles and more street specific cycling.

2019 // Cuda Performance // CP24" (7 - 9 Years)

A 24" bike which leave little to be desired - stir your child's enthusiasm and support their adventurous spirit with this super lightweight kids bike!
From €369.00

2019 // Orbea / MX24 Park

A stunning model - a mini hybrid bike perfect for every budding adventurer packed with all the features an intrepid young explorer could need.

2019 // Cube / Kid 240 (7 - 9 Years)

In the transition between a youth bike and an adult MTB, the CUBE 240 has everything the big bikes do.

2019 // Cuda Performance // CP24R (24" Race Bike)

An exciting new world awaits... for budding road cyclists it's worth investing in a bike that will help, not hinder, your child's progress - and this certainly does just that!
From €549.00