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Cube // Germany

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2019 // Cube / Acid 240 Hybrid

Why should adults get to have all the fun? The Acid 240 Hybrid brings the power and versatility of our renowned e-bike range within reach of the youngsters in your family...

2019 // Cube / Acid Hybrid ONE

The Acid Hybrid ONE combines the go-anywhere rugged appeal of our mountain bikes with the comfort and adaptability of our touring bikes.
From €1799.00

2019 // Cube / Cross Hybrid ONE

Years of experience developing hybrid mountain bike frames have gone into the Cross Hybrid ONE - now reduced by €100 making it even more appealing!
From €1799.00

2019 // Cube / Touring Hybrid ONE

Whatever you do, wherever you go, the Touring Hybrid ONE will get you there in comfort and style.
From €1799.00

2019 // Cube / Elly Cruise Hybrid 400

Elegant and understated, it's a modern classic that you'll be proud to be seen on.

2019 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro 500 27.5

Every once in a while a bike comes along that changes everything.

2019 // Cube / Agree Hybrid C:62 Race Disc

Sometimes you have to look twice to see what's right under your eyes. Take a really close look at the Agree Hybrid C:62 Race Disc, because it's not quite what it seems.